Recruiting Recruiters!

April Fenton 25.06.2015

As Recruiters, we have all had our fair share of challenging recruitment processes to manage – put simply we’ve seen/heard it all!

So when the tables turn and we recruiters are looking for the next step, the next opportunity, with numerous candidate experiences to hand - you would assume we as recruitment ‘professionals’ would  play ball….I wish.
As a Recruiter, specialising in recruiting Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists in theory my job should be a breeze. However, given the recent sharp increase in the demand for Recruitment and TA professionals – recruiting Recruiters has become one of the most challenging parts of my role! Here are some of the highlights, insights and typical steps recruiting recruiters and tips for those recruiters on the move.
  • From the very first call, Recruiters 9/10 times will get straight to the point- ‘Who is it with?!’ Usually followed by a quick yes, no or a smooth cover up line ‘oh really, didn’t know they were recruiting!.If at this point, interest is high and they are keen to progress a CV will come my way. However, I often find that the person I spoke with on the phone vs the CV that arrives inbox don’t exactly match, in fact what I typically receive is a CV that bares a very close resemblance to the original generic job description used to advertise their current role day one. If you are a recruiter guilty of this, take time to look at your CV - please! Make sure it accurately reflects your experience and skill set. No doubt you have sat through many training sessions and preached importance of a good CV to your candidates – practice what you preach!
  • Recruiters know all other recruiters – or so they think! As a team we often see recruiters at interview stage worrying about who they are up against, who interviewed for this role previously or who will be interviewing them as opposed to concentrating on the actual interview and job at hand. Of course, if we actually get to this point we are half way there. The recruiter has managed to step away from their desk and are willing to run the risk of being spotted on the way in the door to their interview – No risk no reward!
  • Recruiters don’t know everything about every company. By habit, we are used to reciting off company bio’s or the small paragraph of text we spotted while scrolling through the website last week. At interview stage, take the time to research the company you’re interviewing for; the type of technologies used by the company and most importantly the various disciplines and candidates that the company recruits for  - Preparation is key!​​
  • ​Good recruiters get paid well, by working long hours and putting the ground work to get ‘there’. Simply having a relevant degree and 12 months recruitment experience does not qualify you to add that extra 10k to your salary expectation. You might have the best sourcing skills in the world, an enviable ability to write Boolean strings in your sleep. But if you can’t close a candidate or the hiring manager on the candidate, you really won’t last long in this recruiting game – Know your strengths!
  • Recruiters interview people on a daily basis so by default one would assume this makes Recruiters good interviewees – If only! In fact this is an area that most recruiters become unstuck. From being under prepared to over prepared, to lacking in confidence to overly confident – as a team we have seen it all, so guys – please take that ‘prep call’ when offered!
As a profession – we are in high demand. 2015 has brought us a candidate rich market. Job opportunities are up 10% on last year. Companies want to fill these positions, how – by hiring recruiters!
If you are considering a move home, looking for the next step on the Talent Acquisition ladder or looking to transition from agency recruitment to in-house recruitment please do get in touch. We have lots of current opportunites that may be of interest to you. Every recruiter should start with an agency. Competition is fierce, recruiters are in high demand. Companies will hire recruiters. They will hire good recruiters, they will hire bad recruiters. As a specialist recruitment team we will help find you the right match for your skill set.
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