Q&A with QC Analysts who relocated to Ireland

Stephen O'Brien 01.08.2018

There are many reasons why I enjoy my role in recruitment with Morgan McKinley Science; the satisfaction that I get when placing a candidate into the right role for them is always the most rewarding. Recruitment processes can be tricky to manage most of the time, so you will always appreciate the processes that work out easy. 

At the beginning of 2018, I had the pleasure of recruiting & placing a couple who are both very experienced QC Analysts with a leading pharmaceutical company based in Cork. The couple, from Romania, were both placed into two permanent QC Analyst positions. Since then they have both settled in well and are performing exceptionally (direct feedback from their employer!). 

I felt mid-year would be a good time to carry out this Question & Answer session and see how they are getting on in their new positions and life in Ireland.

Q&A as follows: 

Q: How are you settling into your new life in Ireland? 
A: We try to visit many places and to enjoy life as much as possible since we have been here.

Q: Why did you want to move to Ireland? 
A: I wanted a change in my life and a challenge that could help me grow in my career. 

Q: How have you found living and working in Ireland for the last 6 months? 
A: I like living and working in Ireland. At the beginning it was a bit overwhelming to manage the big change, but now I love it.

Q: Would you recommend setting up a new life in Ireland to a friend? Why?       
A: I would recommend to my friends setting up a new life in Ireland, because here you have lots of opportunities for people who are interested in developing their careers. 

Q: How did you find your experience with your consultant in Morgan McKinley? 
A: My experience with Morgan McKinley's consultant was great. Michelle helped me a lot since the beginning. She was very nice all the time and gave me lots of tips for the interview, regarding the move to Ireland and keeping me updated with my application.Thank you a lot Michelle. (You are more than welcome).

Q:Would you recommend Morgan McKinley to a friend? If yes, Why? 
A: I would recommend Morgan McKinley to a friend, because Morgan McKinley are very helpful and make the whole process easier.

Q:What are the Top 3 things you like most about starting a new life in Ireland?

  1. The opportunity to develop my career 
  2. The new lifestyle for my family
  3. The possibility of travelling and discovering this country
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