Pull Your Head Out Of The Sand, Demand for .Net Developers

Stephen O'Brien 04.10.2013

Pull your head out of the sand! 

Do you remember the Celtic Tiger? I’m sure it’s not a distant memory just yet. Well during the Celtic Tiger, the property market saw house prices soar to an extortionate level. Looking back, imagine knowing the market well enough to know when to sell and when to buy. Granted, by that logic you could suggest getting into the DeLorean and going back in time to do the lottery or buying the infamous Sports Almanac. The difference of course is that the property market’s rise and fall was established by the basis of economics – supply and demand. 

Looking at the IT sector at present, we can mirror a lot of the potential we saw in the property market of the Celtic Tiger days. What are the key similarities? – Simple, supply and demand.

There is no doubt that .Net development is at the forefront of the IT market’s progression. Taking its growth into consideration, we can’t help but establish that there are more opportunities vacant in the .Net market than there are professionals to fill them.

Let’s face it; this is not a bad situation to be in from an employee point of view.

I’m a .Net developer; I already have a job, so how does this benefit me?

Simply, where demand increases, so should your career expectation too. Essentially you are in a market that offers constant growth, from career progression to lucrative salary and benefits packages. With opportunities to work on creative projects and  up skill into high-end areas of technology such as ASP.Net MVC 4 and Silverlight 5 under the .Net 4.5 framework. There really is no time like the present to be involved in one of the most prominent areas, of probably the most prominent sector, in Ireland.

What opportunities are out there?

The .Net market is flooded. There are ample opportunities to increase your salary, your benefits and up skill into new areas, inevitably progressing your career forward. The key point to establish here is forward thinking.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s a lot to be said for being content in your current employment. I’m not suggesting leaving a happy position for the sake of it or for the fear of missing out. I’m merely stating that Dublin’s IT sector has witnessed extensive growth in consecutive years and yet we still find skilled IT professionals uninformed on what is potentially out there. Knowledge is power, and you won’t find market information with your head buried in the sand.

So ask yourself, is the .Net market surplus to my requirements, and if so, why?

Consider this instead, if you could return to the phenomena that was the Irish property market in the Celtic Tiger days, at what point would you decide to make the right move? – Hopefully before it was too late.

To hear more about opportunities in the .Net market contact Sean Vickers on 01 4321 555 or email me here.

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