Professional job vacancies down 3% in August as seasonal factors also diminish [infographic]

Trayc Keevans 12.09.2017

Professional jobs market is stable with high levels of opportunity

August Employment Monitor



“The Trusted Partner Scheme, where companies can register with the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI), is streamlining recruitment processes for non EU citizens being hired into Ireland, allowing significantly faster times for the processing of visas and work permits.  Companies are increasingly confident that their hiring ambitions will be supported by the scheme. This is proving beneficial across a wide range of sectors, most notably in ICT, financial services and procurement, and it is also supporting the Government’s programme to attract foreign direct investment into Ireland.  In our experience, the timelines for processing recruitment under the Trusted Partner Scheme have improved over the past 18 months by as much 60%, to a 4-6 weeks turnaround time on average, depending on the level of critical need for the skills involved.

“Morgan McKinley would advise any company seeking even a handful of international appointments for their operations in Ireland to become a member of the Trusted Partner Scheme as, if they are not, recruitment of key people from abroad can take a lot longer.”


“The procurement sector is particularly buoyant where we are seeing a growing trend of centralisation of European procurement operations by multinationals in Ireland. Combined with investments in advanced new technologies and systems, this is underpinning growth in recruitment by this sector, which had largely been dominated by domestic considerations to date. Procurement in, and from Ireland, is becoming more global and more strategic in nature, requiring specialist skills and qualifications. This is also stimulating an influx in employees from other countries (predominantly sourced from the EU, including the UK) to fill senior level and specialist procurement roles.”


“Professional services firms, including audit, financial, treasury and legal are under increasing pressure to retain staff as overall confidence within the economy remains high and increasingly mobile employees pursue further career advancement. In legal, companies are increasingly prepared to hire internal legal counsel where, for example, some multinational firms are seen to be recruiting full legal teams to cater for strategic international requirements across a number of legal specialisms. 
“There is strong demand for, and currently a short supply of, legal secretaries and also senior level executive assistants with international experience.”


“We are seeing a continuing resilience and growth of employment opportunity in the pharma sector where many companies are establishing regional hubs in specially developed campuses around the country. This includes support from Government for the regions in parks and estates designated as centres of technological or scientific excellence with all of the necessary infrastructure required to attract investment. It is also based on a substantial pipeline of inbound interest in Ireland including the headquartering of EU operations,  finance, quality assurance and legal functions.”

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

“There is strong demand for data controllers, compliance specialists and data analysts as companies increase their readiness for the GDPR regulations. 

“There is still a variable level of knowledge by employers relating to their GDPR obligations. In as much as the actual administrative processes for data governance are important, so too are the technologies and systems that are required to underpin successful compliance. There is considerable investment taking place in this area and many available opportunities for ICT professionals as a result including, for example, server managers who are at the epicentre of the GDPR requirement.  

“GDPR carries serious penalties for non-compliance so it’s important for companies to consider their current position and to upskill their systems and resources appropriately,” said Trayc Keevans, Director of Inward Investment, Morgan McKinley Ireland.

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