Professional job opportunities fell by 11% compared to January 2016 but remain constant with the same month last year

Bryan Hyland 08.03.2016

High skills sectors is the most buoyant nationally


Highlights Overall

  • Professional job opportunities were on a par with the same month last year (11,762) but fell by 11% compared to January 2016 (13,173).
  • Numbers of professionals seeking new roles was down 2% on the previous month but up 14% on February 2015.
  • The monitor recorded significant talent shortages within the food, pharma and medical devices sectors nationally, particularly across engineering and procurement roles.
  • IT remains a key driver of the high skills jobs market. The burgeoning tech startup sector is winning the war for talent this month, with share options and flexible packages proving attractive to IT professionals on the move.
  • New ACA qualified accountants are exiting their training contracts at this time of year and due to intense competition between industry and practice, can expect starting salaries ranging from €40 - €50K depending on location.
  • Roles in construction and building services are up 40% on the same time last year.
  • Multilingual professionals remain sought after - German continues to be the most required language, followed by Dutch and Nordic.
  • Hiring in the Funds sector has levelled off compared to the same time last year. This is due to a lull in activity in the financial markets, with APAC in turmoil and the uncertainty of the Brexit outcome.
  • Learning and development specialists were the most sought after HR professionals in February 2016, reflecting a focus on retention strategies, particularly within professional services firms.
  • Dublin’s position as a global aircraft leasing hub continues in particular for professionals with expertise in leasing and commercial lending.

View the full press release and commentary for the February Employment Monitor here.

Morgan McKinley's Irish Employment Monitor measures the pulse of the Irish professional jobs market by tracking the number of new job opportunities and professionals seeking new roles within the Republic of Ireland each month.

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