Positive Irish Vibes - The Secret of Success

Ian Kinsella 17.06.2016

As the Euros are progressing, I am seeing more and more hilarious videos about the Irish fans taking the support for the Irish soccer team to the next level. I have to say we are harping on about it a lot on various social media's however why wouldn't we? It’s awesome!!

The positive vibes and the element of fun the Irish fans are bringing to the tournament has been something of a revelation and all seem to be talking about it. From bringing a street  to a standstill belting out Maniac2000 to dancing with a Swede like a Spanish matador. The carry on has been gas crack and I also firmly believe this will have a positive impact on the Irish team's results as we progress in the tournament. 

Unfortunately for the English and the Russians teams I fear the opposite. Some of their fans have really let their teams down and I would think the players are very distracted by all the terrible scenes we are seeing of supporters fighting with each other. All they are doing is letting their team and their country down.

For me, positive vibes can be the key to success in any element of life and business. Don't get caught up around all of the daily negativity we see every day and dump negative people if your network is full of them. If you’re truly positive about something you want to achieve, and you have positive people and influencers around you, more often than not the result will be what you were hoping for. 

Here's hoping the Irish fans will pull us through to the next stage of the tournament. Enjoy the rest of the tournament and send your positive vibes or if your over there keep up the great work.

C'mon Ireland!!!!!! 

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