Pharmaceutical recruitment outperforms expectations in 2011

Darragh McCarthy 01.12.2011

Recruitment in the pharmaceutical sector throughout 2011 has far exceeded projections from 2010.

The areas in which recruitment has been most active reflect the difficulties faced by companies as a result of the economic climate.

One interesting trend has been that most of the hiring of pharmaceutical staff has been in finished product sites, rather than primary pharmaceutical manufacturers. This shift shows that in the face of economic uncertainty, companies are focusing on finished product manufacture rather than API, maximising the added value from their operations.

Most companies are reducing spend on research and development, cutting costs through introduction of lean policies, and continually reducing waste by investing in operational excellence projects to ensure maximum productivity at minimum expense. Many of these projects have unfortunately resulted in the reduction of headcount at the manufacturing operator level, while demand has increased for highly-qualified, specialist candidates.

This means that candidates with extensive experience in drug product manufacture, be that product a solid dose, parenteral, or liquid formula, remain in high demand across all departments. Recruitment remains highest in the area of QA and compliance, and this trend looks to continue well into 2012, with a number of companies planning inward transfer of new products.

In line with the trends described above, we invite specialist candidates interested in progressing to the next step in their careers to contact us for a discussion on their experience and interests. 

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A Stability Specialist is required to join a Product Quality team in a global bio-pharma company based in South Dublin.
An experienced QC Analyst is required to join a global pharma in Dublin.
Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist in a well known Med Device company