Performance Series, the story so far...

Morgan McKinley 21.10.2016

There are many notable benefits to a business of a healthy workforce which are higher productivity, higher commitments, improved resilience, improved retention, reduced sickness, fewer accidents and improved brand.

During the course of my professional career in the recruitment industry I have spoken to many clients and organisations who experience a least one of the above as an issue within their organisation.

The Performance Series events have been set up to showcase to our clients (both new and existing) how a high performing culture inspires innovation and creativity - enabling companies to be the best placed at serving their customers.

Our first event 'Performance Through Wellbeing' focused on two different aspects of wellness. The audience gained an insight into the inspiring personal journey of Ian Kinsella, Morgan McKinley IT Manager. On the flip side a more corporate minded approach to organisations using technologies to improve employee wellbeing was delivered by Aideen O'Colmain from Fitbit.

Our second event 'World of Business and Sport Collide' led by Gerry Hussey and Paul Gleeson  from Below the Line focused on adopting principles of Sports psychology to achieve optimal mental health and improved performance. Gerry spoke about how we are “human beings not human belongings” and Paul taught us how the emotional connection and environment play a huge role on your performance.

Morgan McKinley is now on a journey of exploring topics for our third installment of the Performance Series and would be delighted to hear your feedback face to face on what you would like to see next.

Some of the most successful leaders I have seen over the years have been those that step back, listen, reflect and care for people. We are all human beings at the end of the day, let's not lose sight of this.

You are more than welcome to share your thoughts and feedback. Please email me on

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