Should you be looking at hiring part-time HR staff?

April Fenton 18.09.2013

I am currently assisting a client to find a part-time HR Manager in the Dublin area. I am amazed at the quantity and quality of professional women out there that would really like a part-time working option.

The bottom lines is that part-time HR Manager roles in Dublin are few and far between which means that there are a lot of people out there that are not achieving that much sought after “work-life balance”. As a working mother of three, I can fully empathise with working mums who are keen to “have it all”.

So here are a couple of basic reasons why an employer should consider hiring a HR manager on a part-time basis. These are my general observations that have been gathered from candidates, colleagues, friends and my own personal experience.


A part-time working professional often represents great value for money. Part-timers will often work above and beyond their contractual hours. While these hours may not be worked during core business hours, most part-time working professionals are happy to log back into work emails and take calls from colleagues whether there is a deadline to meet or not! Part-time employees are extremely productive and organised because they have to be and when they are in work they are typically there to work.

While you require the depth of knowledge of the HR Manager you may not need or afford someone on a full-time basis so an obvious choice would be part-time. This should be a win:win solution. You get the depth of knowledge that you need but at half the cost!

Filling skills shortages

In HR recruitment there are definite skills shortages particularly in specialist areas. 

Companies, therefore, need to open their minds and doors to the option of hiring on a part-time basis. Many candidates with much sought after skills that are not on the market will become available for part-time options.


All business’ regardless of their size, should be proactive from the start in terms of HR policies and procedures. Initially, it may make sense to hire an external consultant to assist in the set up. Once beyond a certain number (40 as a guide) consulting fees will start to mount and it will make more sense to hire a HR professional directly.

So, now is the time for companies to sit up and start taking note of the option of hiring professionals on a part-time basis. 

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