Optimism vs Realism

Rebecca Driscoll 16.01.2014

In an age of economic recession, financial collapse and emigration at its all time high it’s tough to be optimistic, and we tend to try our best to stay as positive as possible… especially when it comes to our job search. Although optimism is something I enjoy and promote, particularly in such tough times, there is a lot to be said for what stands between optimism and realism in the recruitment world.

So you have notice your dream job when thrawling through the job boards, it’s exactly what you wanted: the perfect company, the perfect location and even better it has the perfect perks BUT do you have exactly what they want?

It can be tough to take rejection at the best of times, those numerous ‘unsuitable’ responses from recruiters and hiring managers do take their toll on your once so optimistic outlook, so what are you doing wrong?

Take it from the experts, this is not a personal vendetta. Recruiters and hiring managers have a ‘tick the box’ technique which they must ensure is fully up to scratch with client requirements including systems experience, relevant qualifications and X years experience in a specific environment. This is where you must recognise your optimism vs. your realism and ask yourself the following:

  • Do I have the relevant experience for this role?
  • Have I worked in a similar environment?
  • Do I have experience in these specified systems?
  • Do I have the necessary qualifications?

 If you do have all of the above, why are you not getting the response you are expecting?

  • Make sure your CV is as specific as possible to every role you are applying for and your most relevant experience is clear for all to see
  • Rather than sending your CV knowing you're probably not what they are looking for, send your CV into a general registration portal for example. This allows for you to be contacted about any relevant roles going forward

For more tips on your career aspirations, don’t hesitate to get in contact with myself or any of our recruiters in the relevant disciplines here at Morgan McKinley!

Happy New Year and Happy Job Hunting!

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Senior Consultant Recruitment