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Geraldine Butler 05.06.2017

Overview of Barry Adam's talk at the National Sales & Marketing Summit 2017.

At the recent Sales & Marketing Summit in the RDS we had the pleasure of listening to Barry Adams – founder of Polemic Digital. A native Dutchman, Barry was extremely engaging on his content around online search and old v’s new search.

Our standard old style search would be to enter what you are looking for in google in either long or short tail format – new search is going to focus on two main components:

1.    Voice
2.    Contextual triggers

Voice is self-explanatory – using Siri voice command on your iPhone or using Amazon’s Home assist – telling the device what you want it to do at that particular time. Current statistics show that 1 in 5 mobile users are actively using voice command – by 2020, 50% of users are expected to be using voice on smart devices.

To me the more interesting concept is the Contextual Triggers: delivering the information you want at the right time without you specifically requesting it. For example, you could have your flight details on your email which you view on your phone – your phone will send you a message to say your flight has been delayed and no need to head to the airport yet. 

Or you are using Google Maps/ location services – based on your previous visits to a Starbucks, your phone will notify you that a Starbucks is coming up and send you a discount voucher.

Ignoring the “Big Brother” aspect, there is huge potential here for brands to get their name out there and deliver discount coupons – another interesting example is you have a BBQ date in your calendar for Saturday – your ‘phone will tell you that there is rain forecast for Saturday, so here’s a voucher for indoor bowling instead. 

The key for business websites here is integration – your website needs to start talking and giving data to other sources so you are fully optimised. The main drivers for this will be:

• Structured Data – within the source code to make the data more machinable
• Knowledge Graph
• App Indexing – making sure Google & other search engines can access your app without hindering performance and can talk to each other.

It was a very interesting presentation from Barry and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

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