Office Christmas party do’s and don'ts

Stephen O'Brien 07.12.2017

Christmas parties are to be enjoyed but remember it's a work party; this is your career and you will see your boss and colleagues again on Monday morning.

Christmas songs are on the radio, the Toy Show has come and gone, and the big night out is around the corner…yes it's the Christmas Party! There’s a fantastic buzz around the office and excitement is high.

Christmas parties are there to be enjoyed. It’s a well-earned opportunity to let your hair down given the hard work put in throughout the year. However, it is also important to remember that it is a work Christmas party; this is your career and you will see your boss and colleagues again on Monday morning.

So, some party do’s and don’ts to help you along; whilst most importantly ensuring you still have a fabulous night:

Do attend

It is important that you attend both for yourself and your team, and you can forget about calling in sick with a last minute bug. It's way too suspect and you are sure to miss out on a good night!

Do drink in moderation

'It's a marathon, not a sprint.' Excess drinking = disaster zone. You don’t want to be the person fast asleep, curled up in the corner as your colleagues are doing their best version of the Gangham Style dance. It is a long night so remember to pace yourself so that you will reach the finish line in a respectable state.

Do get to know your colleagues but don’t hit on them!

After a few hours and a few beers Jane from finance can look like a goddess. But, before you make a bee-line for the person you've had your eye on all year, do yourself a favour, stay put and think, 'Is this a good idea?' Probably not is the likely answer.

Don’t corner your boss and talk shop

It is funny how many people think that they are the only ones to blow their bosses ear off about how they deserve that promotion or pay rise or how they don’t get along with a particular colleague. When in fact, most bosses are hassled at every event by someone who has drank too much and has something to say. They deserve to enjoy their night as much as anyone else and it will not be well received. So when you have your sights set to target your boss, think again and bite your lip. You will be grateful for this advice the following morning.

Don't dress inappropriately

It’s okay to go with your own sense of style but do try to dress professionally. The venue will determine the dress code so make sure you know what it is.

Most importantly - Do enjoy yourself

Let your hair down and enjoy yourself. This is your party and you’ve earned it so make the most of it. Be remembered for the right reasons and not the cringe worthy one which will stick with you until next year!

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