New Years resolution - finding a new job?

Morgan McKinley 03.12.2018

As we step into 2019, many of us are making our annual new year's resolutions. Along with the usual suspects, one which may be worth considering is that of finding a new role...

Every New Year, the pen and paper comes out (or in today’s world the note pad on the iPhone) to write down the dreaded list of New Years resolutions.

The list usually starts with things like:

  • Go to the gym
  • No alcohol
  • New diet
  • Save Money

All of these are possible but it is about having the determination to actually follow through and do them. One item which could be worthwhile adding to your list is that of finding a new job.

I’m not sure about the gym and the diet plan but we can certainly help you if you go with the resolution of finding a new job.  Here are our top tips:

  • Figure out what you want to do: Ask yourself a few questions. What interests you? What does this job need to have that your current one doesn’t? What motivates you? Make a list all of these qualities and keep going back to it, this will help you to focus on what's important.
  • Research specific markets: Use everything from the IDA website to local news outlets. Knowledge is power and the more informed you are, the better your decisions will be.
  • Network with a specialist recruitment consultant: One whom you can trust, ask your friends and colleagues who they would recommend. Meet our expert recruitment consultants here. 
  • Network with people already in the industry or in the job you want: LinkedIn is a good way to get in touch with people you trained/studied with and/or with other relevant industry contacts and bodies.
  • Prepare a tailored CV: Here's an article to help you on CV Preparation.
  • Allow time for the market to produce the right role: It is a challenging time for job seekers in many sectors, prepare yourself for this and allow approximately one/two months for your job search.
  • Be flexible: As much as possible with respect to location, salary, working hours etc. Give yourself the best chance of realizing your goals.
  • Accept the risks: Changing your job always comes with an associated risk and once you are comfortable with that, you will start to see the potential benefits of putting yourself out there.

If you have the above points figured out and put into action, getting the job you want should be the first New Years resolution crossed of your list! We might see you in the gym where we'll be working on a few resolutions of our own...

Please feel free to get in touch here for more information on finding your new role. 

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