5 reasons why you probably shouldn't put off your job hunt until the New Year

Elaine Kennedy 06.12.2017

Five reasons why it's best not to put off a possible job hunt in the new year...Don’t wait until the New Year, get ahead of the pack!

For many, this was the year for a change in career. Out of those who have not accomplished this so far this year, many decide at this stage to leave it until January to start looking again.

My advice to you would be, DON'T do this!

There are many reasons why December is the perfect time to secure that new job and fulfil your resolution:

  • The competition is smaller due to everyone else putting it off until the new year
  • Most companies want to hire before the end of the year
  • Hiring budgets in place now, may not be there in January
  • Why start the year looking for a job, when you can start the year in a new job?
  • And most importantly.. you can enjoy your Christmas holidays without having to check those jobs boards!
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