Moving back home to Ireland? There’s no time like the present!

Darragh McCarthy 10.06.2015

Whether they are abroad in Australia, Dubai, America or even just across the water in London, most Irish people imagine themselves finally returning back home at some stage.

To some this may be to cities such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway, to others, more rural locations such as Achill, Castlegregory or Bundoran.

If you are that Irish Expat you may have asked yourself many times particularly over recent years if this will ever happen at all, let alone when. Opportunities at home can be extremely limited, especially during an economic downturn, and this is especially the case for many who grew up in more rural areas.

But the good news is that the recession is over. Recent projections from the ESRI predicts that our GNP will grow at approximately 4% this year with initial forecasts for 2016 predicting a further 3.5% growth. Meanwhile our unemployment figures are forecast to fall to 9.7% later this year and down to 8.4% in 2016. These are some of the strongest figures in Europe, so maybe it’s time to think about that move!

At the moment cities such as Cork and Dublin are thriving. Cork has a booming manufacturing industry where in hubs such as Ringaskiddy opportunities are plentiful. Massive multinationals are setting up or expanding their huge operations in Cork: Tyco, Apple, Depuy and Biomarin to name but a few.

The same can be said of Dublin with the ever expanding IFSC where absolutely every funds company out there is hiring, and with the fast expanding tech sector with companies such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. This is all creating a buzz around these cities with the influx of jobs and ever improving infrastructures and amenities.

Much can also be said for other cities such as Limerick, Galway and Waterford who all are slowing clawing their way back. With the support of the IDA, more and more companies are setting up in Ireland. Remember that returning home could initially mean just moving back to the country if the ideal job isn’t currently open in your hometown. Once back, it’s a lot easier then to take up the “perfect” opportunity when it does actually arise. This is particularly relevant for the smaller urban areas. You might be from Ballinasloe and the dream might be to get back there, but working in Dublin is still a lot closer than Abu Dhabi!

As someone who has worked in New Zealand, Australia and who then spent many years in Dublin, it’s nice to be home. In fact, it’s even nicer to be home when you see the buzz returning which probably hadn’t been seen in Cork since before I left 7 years ago.

If you are looking to return home and want that perfect role contact us at Morgan McKinley today, with offices in Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford & Kilkenny, we’ve got all of Ireland covered. 

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