Move Over Celtic Tiger, There’s a New Cat in Town!

Morgan McKinley 22.07.2015

Ok Ok, so the whole Celtic Tiger thing doesn’t exactly have the most positive connotations but I think that Ireland has learned a thing or two from its past mistakes and is now ready to forget its fierce feline past and move on to bigger, better things.

Perhaps I can offer you my personal perspective on all of this?

I moved to Ireland from America in 2013 just when Ireland was starting to show signs of recovery. I still saw empty storefronts, major difficulties finding a job, and low wages. In just two years I’ve seen Ireland change around me, just look up! There are cranes swooshing over our heads almost anywhere you look. You know what that’s a sign of? Yup, you guessed it, new developments and economic the possibility that a nearby crane could fall on you. And what’s more? Companies are hiring and wages are increasing. A recent study showed that three quarters of Irish businesses expect to give pay increases in 2015, that’s up 64% from 2014!

So what will the recovered Irish economy be known as? The Celtic panther? The Celtic house-kitten? Or maybe it’s just bad luck to have a pet name for the economy in the first place. 

For more information on the growing economy and Irish employment, check out our Employment Monitor or give me a call to discuss funds opportunities that I am working on at the moment. Happy job hunting!

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