Brian Murphy discusses the June 11 Irish Employment Monitor on RTÉ News

Andrea Daly 08.07.2011

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Brian Murphy, interviewed live on RTÉ Television News at One to discuss the June 11 Irish Employment Monitor, a monthly report which measures the 'pulse' of the professional jobs market.


The number of jobs for professionals increased by over 2,600, or 46%, in June compared to the same month last year according to recruiting firm Morgan McKinley. In it's latest monthly Employment Monitor the company points to strong growth in opportunities in firms benefiting from a rise in exports, particularly in the food industry.

Which professions are most in demand?

We've found across all professions, we've seen a strong increase in demand from companies with an exposure to the export market, be it indigineous companies with exposure or multinationals.

Now the multinational companies have been continuously complaining of a skills shortage in certain sectors. Now how serious is that issue?

Some areas are more challenged than others with regards to the search for skills. Now that has never changed, it has always been that way. Ultimately we can find, will find and do find people for all companies, across all professions. It would be very helpful if the Irish diaspora who have moved abroad, particularly over the last three years, could be encouraged back because News emenating from Ireland is so poor regarding the economy etc. that these people are saying, 'we'll stay out for another year or another two years' and it would be a big help if we could encourage those people to return.

Now if there is shortage of professionals, where does that leave the government-sponsored internship programme?

The internship programme fine in enough itself but if we're educating our graduates in the right areas, or the right courses, we won't need internships because there is a demand there for these people in any instance.

The June 11 Irish Employment Monitor

The June 11 Irish Employment Monitor registered a 46% increase in the number of new professional jobs in Q2 11, compared to Q2 10.

It also recorded a 21% decrease in the number of new professional job seekers in June 11, compared to the same time last year. In niche areas of the market, acute candidate shortages are being felt. For example, it is currently very difficult to find suitable professionals for IT development roles, and the recruitment process can be protracted as top tier job seekers in this sector are often 'spoilt for choice'.

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