Live register falls for two months in a row to 6,600 in Oct 10 - the first time in three years

Brian Murphy 04.11.2010

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There was some good news for the government today; the number of people singing on the live register dropped substantially last month.

It's one of the biggest accountancy firms in the world and today Ernst & Young today announced the creation of 300 new jobs. The company says quite simply, things are getting busier.

We have live transactions going on at the moment, quite a few. We had none this time last year, or very, very few for that matter. The market was effectively dead. The market is coming back to life again. Companies are coming out of a period of entrenchment.

The numbers signing on the dole decreased by 6,600 in October - the first time in three years that the live register has fallen for two months in a row. A new recruitment survey out today also contained some good news, revealing a big increase in the number of job vacancies that are being advertised.

We've had four quarter-on-quarter increases in job vacancy numbers. That is significant. It averages at 10% increase quarter on quarter and obviously we're very pleased with that.

Unfortunately job creation isn't the only reason the dole queues have stopped getting longer; emigration and people returning to college are also big factors.

A slight improvement in the unemployment situation is also being reflected in a big fall in number of redundancy claims being received by the Department of Enterprise. Figures out today that in the month of October, 3,900 claims were received - that's a 40% drop on the same month last year.

because Ireland's return to growth has slowed in recent months many economists are warning that the Irish unemployment figures could soon start to rise.

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