Morgan McKinley attends the UCC BIS Graduate Breakfast 2016

Marguerite Maher 08.11.2016

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the annual UCC Business Information Systems Graduate breakfast 2016 on the UCC campus.

Morgan McKinley kindly sponsor one of the BIS excellence awards so my colleague, Dan Hoctor had the honour of presenting the “BIS Ambassador” award to Kevin O’Leary.

The awards ceremony kicked off, with David Merriman, Chairman of the BIS advisory board; Brendan Tuohy, former secretary general of the departments of communications, energy and natural resources; Prof. Ciaran Murphy, Head of Department; Dr. Michael Murphy, President of UCC. 

Some notes to highlight from the event:

1. 127 BIS students graduated from the class of 2016 with over 1,920 to have graduated since the course began 20 years ago.

2. The Business Information Systems course in UCC was the brainchild of Professor Ciaran Murphy who had the vision of combining both business and information technology as a degree course. This was the first of its kind in the world!

3. Peter Drucker played an important part in inspiring these BIS graduates thanks to Prof. Ciaran Murphy; I am not sure if this was just the class of 2016 or if this is a running theme. My guess is from his research, Drucker plays an important part in inspiring all BIS students past and present. I would love to hear from some BIS graduates to confirm this!

4. It was noted at the breakfast that Professor Ciaran Murphy will be retiring and so this year’s BIS graduation will be his last as Head of Department. It was clear that he is truly respected by both students and colleagues and his will be big boots to fill!

As an IT recruiter, I come across BIS graduates every single day either as candidates or clients. Many start their careers on the graduate programmes with the likes of Accenture, Deloitte, Kerry Group, Fidelity amongst others, all taking different career paths. Some have gone into support roles and progressed onwards. Others started off as developers, progressed onto business analyst and project managers. Whatever path is chosen, there is a high calibre of graduates coming out of the BIS course and it is definitely one I would recommend from a career point of view.

If you are a past or present BIS student interested in finding out the type of opportunities waiting for you. Feel free to get in touch with me.

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