Morgan McKinley AngularJS Dublin Workshops

Dara Boland 29.06.2015

Morgan McKinley are proud to sponsor AngularJS Dublin in providing the excellent Angular BuildUP workshops. For 6 consecutive Saturdays, Mentors and Coders assemble in the Ballsbridge Hotel, with the common aim of improving their AngularJS skills.

We are now at the 3 week point, 3 weeks down, 3 to go. The progress has been excellent.

Each of the groups (made up of 4-5 developers each) are making great strides in their learnings and are edging closer to their end product (which is to build a high spec, custom web app).

I joked with some of the developers last weekend about how, maybe, we should be on the beach enjoying the sunny weather, rather than giving up our Saturdays; to code. A joke, of course, made in good spirits. But the response was quite striking. 

These developers are not giving up their Saturdays, they spend the week preparing, and looking forward to the Saturday workshops. It is really refreshing to be around people who are really passionate about new innovations and who clearly love what they do. It is great too, watching this collaborative learning process. The mentors are present for guidance but perhaps the real learning comes from the team members working together, finding creative solutions to difficult development challenges. This format appeals to engineers and it’s clear that it ignites people’s interest.

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These are exciting times for JavaScript specialists in Ireland. Morgan McKinley has a deep understanding of talent requirements in the JavaScript space. Our insight and market intelligence enable both career movers and recruiting employers to anticipate, search and secure new opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me or any of our specialist IT Consultants, for a fully confidential chat regarding your career options in the JavaScript space.

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