Morgan McKinley GDPR Breakfast Briefing

James Enright 03.11.2017

What a great turnout at another hugely successful event in Morgan McKinleys series of breakfast briefings in Limerick

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) was the pressing issue on this occasion and a full room of Mid West business leaders were truly engrossed in guest speakers Anne O Connell (AOC Solicitors) and Paul O Brien( Managing Director Calqrisk)

May 2018 is the deadline for businesses to have everything organised and the main talking point was how getting prepared now is the only way to be ready for what will be a huge shake up to the working world as we know it. ""4 in 10 companies are not in any way prepared for GDPR"" (Anne O Connell)

The newest hot industry is set to be that of data protection officers, while risk management processes and data protection impact assessments to be common place over the next six months. After all no organisation wants to face the huge fines being mentioned for breaches of the new regulations (can be up to 4% of global turnover for cases where the law has been broken). This will happen to someone particularly when a recent study showed that one in ten companies were not even aware of what GDPR was.

The general consensus was no matter what line of business you are in this is going to come and effect you in some way. Prevention is the best form of cure is a very apt comment to sum it up from our guest speakers so get yourself ready and be GDPR compliant for May 25 2018.

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