Microservices Meetup Series 2 – DDD & CQRS - Free Event

Stephanie Cullen 26.06.2019

The Microservices Meetup Series is officially here to stay…

Thanks for today’s Microservices presentation. That was brilliant!

The talk was very interesting. It would be nice to have a deeper dive into the topic. Maybe with some practical examples

By popular demand, the next meetup will cover Domain Driven Design and Command-Query Separation (CQRS) with live demonstrations and real life examples (Missed the first meetup? Don’t fret! Come along – you’ll be up to speed in no time). 

FAQ:  The when, where, what and why?

When: Tuesday 20th of August @ 6.15pm

  • 6.30pm – 7.15pm: Theory
  • 7.15pm – 7.45pm: Pizza  and Beer                                                                                        
  • 7.45pm – 8.45pm: Practical examples and demonstrations 

Where: Morgan McKinley’s Dublin office

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The ‘What’ and the ‘Why’?

Domain Drive Design (DDD) provides concepts to help you get started using a microservices application by expressing the problems you have, as domains. It advocates modelling based on the reality of the business as relevant to your cases. DDD is a development approach that deeply values the domain model and connects it to the implementation.  

To simplify/ solve your problem domain, adopting a Command–query separation (CQRS) pattern is a massive benefit that reduces the leakage and interleaving that begins to occur when utilizing the same model for your write-side as your read-side. CQRS seeks to relieve the tension between both sides by separating (decoupling logically and possibly physically) the write-side and read-side of your system. 

Please join us for another great fun learning experience that is completely free to attend!

It would be great to see you all there, old faces and new!  

Topics covered on the night will include;


  • Domain Model                                                                    
  • Aggregate (and aggregate root)
  • Value objects, entities, services
  • Bounded context
  • Ubiquitous language
  • Events? 


  • Command (Command Handlers)
  • Saga, process managers
  • Read/ Write Model
  • Projections (different read models)
  • Eventual consistency 
  • Events? (Event Handlers)

Let us know if you are interested in joining the series as a speaker! Or indeed, if there are particular topics you would like to see covered, as these meetups are for YOU!

*These are exciting times for .NET specialists in Ireland. Morgan McKinley has a deep understanding of talent requirements in the .NET space. Our insight and market intelligence enable both career movers and recruiting employers to anticipate, search and secure the best opportunities.

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