Marketing functions continue to grow across various industries from MNC’s down to smaller companies...

Ciara Kelly 08.04.2019

As we come to the end of Q1, our expert recruitment consultants have provided insights into the current employment market within Marketing...

In this Q1 Review, we will be looking at; current trends within marketing, talent attraction and retention, unique industry benefits, relevant skills and qualifications, notable behaviours from professionals and any legislation changes or political events set to have an impact on the industry. 


There are various marketing roles opening up across the sector in a range of industries such as Technology, Software, Insurance, FMCG, Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics and Professional Services. Among these, the roles which keep cropping up again and again include Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Manager and those involved in Demand Generation and Lead Generation more specifically in the Technology companies. Marketing is growing across the board, with the teams within larger companies continuing to expand and evolve, and smaller companies such as start-ups are hiring marketing personnel for the first time such as Marketing Managers or Head of Demand Generation. 


In terms of employee retention, in general marketing roles are coming with much better benefits as outlined below. Employee retention in this area is gradually becoming more of a priority for employers with the larger companies and multinationals being particularly strong in this area but also the smaller companies taking more initiative to improve their performance in this as well.

Moving on to talent attraction, the larger companies such as the multinationals, alongside the new wave of startups are leading the way in terms of this. Having a strong online presence is key here along with forward thinking marketing campaigns and initiatives. These all work together to give the impression of a fun, social work environment which should appeal to marketers. 

Some notable trends among professionals are marketers seeking opportunities which they feel excite them and they tend to seek out opportunities or align themselves with more forward thinking organisations. Company culture and what a company stands for are also important factors when marketers consider a move.  In Cork in particular, the area of Little Island is emerging to be a growing concern as a location for professionals due to the sheer volume of traffic during rush hour.


Some unique benefits which are on offer on the market are flexi-time, remote working options, performance related bonus structure, healthcare options, pensions, improved annual leave as well as subsidised canteens for larger organisations.

Relevant Skills & Qualifications and Desirable Attributes:

  • Well written, detailed CVs which suit  the job spec will generally land prospective employees an interview.
  • Building a rapport with the interviewers and aligning with the cultural fit of the organisation by giving examples during the interview.
  • Giving detailed examples of Marketing campaigns they have worked on.  
  • For larger marketing departments, being able to bring another skillset to the table aside from what is said on the job spec is key. E.g. - applying for a marketing position but having strong analytical experience. 

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