Manufacturing recruitment processes come to a standstill during holiday season

Darragh McCarthy 17.08.2018

With a very fast pace in hiring activity across Supply Chain & Procurement for the first quarter of 2018, the summer months experienced a notable slow down in processes.

On the manufacturing side of things in particular, activity on sites ground to a halt over the summer period bringing recruitment activity to a near standstill nationally.
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Recent developments in the market suggest an uncertain future for supply chain operations in the food and drink industry. A recent report released by Bord Bia warns that this area is most at risk of feeling the adverse effects of Brexit. More specifically complexity around lead times and shelf life of products poses a major challenge for Supply Chain and logistics professionals within the Irish food and drinks industry as free flow of products between Britain is anticipated to become more constraint. On a more positive note, we have seen an increased number of jobs nationally in both Trade and Customs as businesses are finally starting to take action in relocating from the UK to Dublin. 

In recent few weeks we have seen an escalation of tariff trade wars between the US and other countries. The US have been heavy handed in applying tariffs to China, Canada and the EU leading to uncertainty across each markets. From an Irish perspective, this has had certain implications so far with a number of IDA clients now rethinking their manufacturing strategy & redoing their numbers. We are hopeful that this will only be a short term pause in progress and that ultimately common sense will prevail with minimal impact on the market. 

Supply Chain and Procurement

Most in Demand Roles Nationally:

  • Operations / Logistics Managers,
  • Supply Chain Planners / Analysts,
  • Production Roles at all levels

Highest Paying Roles - our teams have placed


  • Supplier Relationship Director | Biopharma | 130k
  • Global Procurement Manager | Tech | 115k
  • Operational Excellence Director | Pharma | 120k


  • Operations Director | Manufacturing | 120k
  • Procurement Director- Food & Beverage |  120k

Highest Paying Supply Chain Roles

Skills and Qualifications

Industry & category specific skills & experience remain as deal breaking factors for hiring managers of Supply Chain professionals. Using Pharma as an example, growing your years of experience within the industry will ultimately make you a far more alluring prospect for other Pharmaceutical organisations. 

The same applies for category. Becoming an expert in a more specialised area of Supply Chain ie. purchasing specific materials, and devoting your time and energy into this niche area goes a long way in terms of future proofing your career. Employers have been focused on professionals who fall under either of the above categories.

From a qualifications perspective, there is an exception across the industry for professional job seekers who are new to Supply Chain should have a minimum 3rd level degree in an area related to Supply Chain. From speaking to hiring managers, we have identified 3 supplementary qualifications available from the following organisations that provide job seekers with the edge over others at interview stage; IIPMM, CILT & APICS.

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