Managing interview nerves in 4 easy steps

Graham Keegan 11.01.2017

You’ve sent in your application, waited for the response and now you have the interview. The hard part is over. However, for many of us, overcoming nerves can be a massive challenge itself.

As a candidate, you are trying to display yourself as the confident, qualified individual, the best for the job. Instead your nerves reduce you to poor answers to questions, being uncomfortable and a lack of concentration. So, what can you do now to manage your nerves?#

1. Preparation is key: Do your research

The more you know, the more confident you will feel when answering the interviewer’s questions.

Research the company; Know their history, products/services, competitors etc. Don’t confine your research to just the company’s website: Social media pages, videos on YouTube and articles online or in a newspaper can also give you excellent information that you may not have found otherwise.

2. Practice makes perfect

Secondly, practice answers for anticipated interview questions. Not only come up with answers to these questions but get used to practicing them. Have your specific examples ready and everything will seem a lot easier.

Quite often, jobseekers come up with answers to interview questions in their heads but never practice their delivery and then end up sticking “ums”,“ems”, and “likes” in as a filler as they rack their brains trying to remember what they wrote down. By practicing your answers aloud, it will calm your nerves and you will become more comfortable with your delivery.

3. Time management

This is critical to the interview itself as well as managing nerves.

To avoid any panic on the morning of the interview that might cause you to be late, get everything ready the night before; Know your CV inside out (bring a copy just to be sure) ; Map out your travel route; Know exactly what route/form of transport you’re taking and give yourself a half hour extra in case of traffic disruptions.

It is better to arrive early than late, so if you do arrive a bit early, relax and gather your thoughts.

4. Be positive

Firstly take confidence from the fact you’ve been invited to interview, you wouldn’t be here if they weren’t interested in you. 

The company has a strong interest in you, so now it is your chance to show them why you are the person for the job. Let the interviewer know that this is a fantastic opportunity, outline your reasons why you want to work for the organisation and most importantly sell yourself.

If you wish to discuss any open opportunities particularly in IT and Supply Chain sector, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Please contact via email to or by phone on 021-2300300.

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