Making the Cut with Your CV

Ian Murphy 03.09.2014

With every new job opportunity there comes a day when the CVs sent in are reviewed and if they aren’t right for the role then they are dismissed or cut. If you’re CV isn't in shape and eye-catching then you are more likely to be further down that interview list.

The #1 question people ask a recruiters is: 

How does my CV look?

The advice I give? Your CV is your handshake, its the first impression any company has and first impressions count. 

At Morgan McKinley we aim to be your career ally and assist you in securing the interview you need to get the job you want. It is very important that your CV sells who you are as well as what you do.

To assist you further we have put together a comprehensive guide, our CV Clinic, that will cover the two fundamental elements that will help you on your way to a winning CV - Content and Presentation. 


Content Do’s:

  • Include a summary of your achievements in each role. Where necessary you should qualify your achievements- i.e. reduced month end deadlines from 7 days to 3 days. 
  • Include all roles on your CV. 
  • Always use spell check. Ensure you use English (UK) and not English (US)


Content Don’ts:

  • Do not lie
  • Do not write in first or third person. 
  • Do not copy your responsibilities from a  job specification. Your job would have changed a considerable amount since you started so this will be different to your current role. 


Presentation Do’s:

  • Fonts and typeface. Choose something simple and classic such as Arial (Size 10) or Times New Roman (Size 12). No Comic Sans. 
  • Simplicity is the key. Fancy backgrounds, passport photos, pictures and graphics are a turn off for most readers. 


Presentation Don’ts: 

  • CV’s should not go beyond 4 pages for even the most experienced professional (this can be slightly different for professional contractors)
  • Headers/footers are not essential and will often just clutter the page. 
  • Do not over format fonts i.e. you should not enlarge, bold, italic and underline for one heading


These are a few of the many tips we provide in our CV clinic guide. Download and read our full CV Clinic Guide. 

For a consultation, please feel free to contact us in Morgan McKinley. With experienced recruitment consultants who specialise in your area of expertise, we can provide unique insights and help create a superstar CV that will ensure you will always make the cut.

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Senior Consultant | Supply Chain, Planning & Procurement Recruitment