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Eleanor Collins 23.07.2015

Time management is very important in every career. If you are managing a team, working independently, or kicking off your career you will always aim to be successful in what you do.

This is usually quantified by input/output, efficiencies and making money/saving money.  We profess to know this but still find ourselves occasionally running around in circles and hitting brick walls.  We can remind ourselves every day that productivity/progress is key and still we ask ourselves those same questions; Is it lunch time already? Where has the day gone? Is it already 6pm? …and what do I have to show for it?!
If you are asking yourself these questions it is time to Stop, Revive and Start again. Each time I am in this situation I revert to 8 simple tips to re-align my daily plan to ensure every minute counts during my day!

1. The Dreaded Procrastination 
When you don’t plan effectively you have more time to think about how, why and when I will get this task done. STOP procrastinating and use a daily planner to write down your goals and make them achievable ones!

2. Get the nasty’s out of the way
We all dislike a part of our job, this is only natural.  Try to get the draining/ administrative and not so nice tasks out of the way first thing and don’t have them lingering over you! Then you can move on to the positive tasks.

3. Time Is On Your Side 
Most people work a 9/10 hour days so it is important to get the most out of it, block book your calendar and assign time for all your tasks, this should include lunch too! Remember to schedule time for interruptions or delays, they will always arise.

4. The Magic Trio
There is 3 ways to effectively spend your time; Conversations, Thoughts and Actions. Thankfully all of these combined and allocated the correct time will equal results! Be strategic, decide what is the equivalent in your role and commit time to each area.

5. Work smarter, not harder
Ask yourself throughout the day “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me), each task needs to add value to your end result, maybe not now but for future milestones also.  Quantify your inputs and stop doing things for the sake of it!

6. Learn to say No
You have your own priorities and have already planned your whole day out, is this request worthwhile and will this benefit you directly or indirectly?  We all know it is easy to ask for help, but much harder to say no so let me share the nicest way to say “NO”

  • I can’t commit to this right now as I have other priorities!
  • Can we reconnect at a later time/date, I am in the middle of something right now!
  • I am really not the best person to help you with this, but I suggest you talk to…..XYZ!
  • As much as I would love to help out it really would be too much or a stretch for me right now, sorry!


7. Exercise and Eat healthy 
Various studies have confirmed a healthy lifestyle, enough sleep and balanced diet will increase productivity in the work place.  Having a work life balance will clear your mind, increase positivity and allow you to focus clearly on your role which in return equals productivity.

When you take control of your time you will stay focused, you will make better decisions, and you will accomplish more so overall you will be more successful

For more information about top tips in your role, interview tips or if you are considering a move please don’t hesitate to contact me for a confidential discussion.

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