Maintenance Technician’s does your environment matter? – Clean or dirty?

Lisa O'Neill 17.12.2018

Let me guess, you’re currently working as a maintenance technician and you want to get into the Pharmaceutical or Medical Device industries?

This is what I am told numerous times a day by maintenance candidates. There is a perception in the market place that you have ‘made it’ as a maintenance technician when you get the opportunity to finally secure your place in these industries, but remember, the grass is not always greener! 

Working in pharmaceutical and medical device is highly regulated and often, fast paced and high volume. Mechanical, electrical, automation or process engineers are the most sought after degree levels for these roles. Maintenance of a production line in these environments requires the knowledge and experience that if there is downtime on a line due to a breakdown, production is affected and has a knock on effect on the entire process. You are expected to be calm, methodical with excellent communication skills. What a lot of maintenance candidates don’t realise is that an FMCG background is very transferable to Pharmaceutical or Medical Device due to the nature of the environment being highly regulated. Often contracting is the fastest way to gain access to roles like these. 

On the opposite side of this you have engineers and trade qualified electricians and mechanical fitters in heavy industry environments who can come in on a daily basis and get stuck in to whatever needs to be done. While they don’t go home very clean most of the time, they adhere to all regulations and can, most of the time, work unrestricted. These can often be more interesting roles as you get access to numerous areas of a site or plant in your role, not to just one production line. 

Working a maintenance role in Pharmaceutical or Medical Device, or what is deemed a ‘clean’ industry is not going to be suited to all personalities. Equally working in heavy industry or ‘dirty’ industry where you go home on a daily basis covered head to toe in dirt will not be appealing to all types. 

The benefits of dealing with Morgan McKinley for your maintenance roles is we will have a lot of knowledge of the environment, culture and team of the companies we work with. We like to go and visit as many sites as possible so we can see where you will be working in your new role! Should you wish to see our current maintenance opportunities please click HERE.

If you are a maintenance technician looking for a new career opportunity please give me a call on 021 2300300 or by e-mail 

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