Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal So Take Centre Stage Of Your Life.

Deborah Hall 02.02.2019

Read This! Get your Dream job and achieve success. We all want success. We all want to achieve our goals but how can we tell when they come knocking? How can we tell if they pass us by? By following these simple tips you will not only dream big but you will do big!

What’s your Goal? How do you decide?

  1. Brainstorm. Write down all the things that you want to achieve in work and life and prioritise.
  2. Be positive. Only list goals that will make you ultimately happy.
  3. Be specific and realistic. Shorten your list to priority goals.
  4. Have them measurable and achievable. Don’t list something which is really not ever going to happen. “I want to win the lottery” is not a goal. “I want to become top sales person in 2015” is.


WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS... Don’t under estimate the value of pen to paper.

Studies have shown that writing down your goal and looking at it twice a day makes it 95% more achievable. A study by Gail Matthews PhD shows that writing down your goals, enhances achievement. She also states that if you share your goal with a workmate or a friend your success increases by 33%, because you have drawn someone else into your plan. They may ask for an update which pushes you to achieve your successes.

Now your goal has real purpose. We sign our names to all of the most important contracts in life. Employment contracts, marriage licences, wills, buying a house so why not write down a contract to yourself and achieve your goals and successes.

“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline” – Harvey Mackey

Sarah Nyman in 1987 wrote down on a note to herself that in “1 year I want to own my own business”. In 1988 she left her job and started her own training agency and she was one of the leading entrepreneurs in the US at that time.

Walt Disney wrote down his goals and carried them with him in his pocket, looking at this note several times a day. Even after his artwork being turned down 302 times he attributed his success to the note he wrote to himself. 

Michael Jordan was told he wasn’t good enough for his High School Basketball team. He wrote down his goals and achieved success.

Fred Astaire wrote a letter to himself when he was turned down after his first audition in Hollywood. He was told he "couldn’t sing but could dance a little". He kept reading this letter that he wrote to himself and he achieved success.

Frank Sinatra had the same rejection as Fred Astaire. He wrote down his goals and is famous for saying “The best revenge, is massive success” He achieved his goals.

Lou Holts a famous Sports coach in the States wrote down his goals on a post it note. He also carried it with him and he achieved success.

Henriette Anne Klauser a famous Life coach says “Write down your goals even the crazy ones”... I’d love to go Paragliding” That can be a goal!

Larry Winget famously said “Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be - broke, fat, lazy and unsuccessful. Those are the things that happen when you don’t have a plan”

Write down Your Goals, Have a Plan and Achieve Success.

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Finance Manager - Dublin West - €75k - €80k
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Excellent opportunity for an experienced Accounts Payable candidate with a background in expenses.
Excellent opportunity for an experienced Accounts Payable candidate with a background in expenses.