Lets' Make Ireland Great Again!

No I’m not a Trump supporter but I’ll borrow part of his slogan, I’m sure he’s plagiarised it from somebody else anyway…

Moving to Australia over 7 years ago was one of the biggest adventures and decisions of my life. Although at the time it didn’t feel like such a big decision, it seemed like the best option. I’d recently finished college, I didn’t want to do my masters in HR straight away and the cursed recession word was looming over everyone and everything. So, I packed my 24kg backpack and off I went, like half the population, or as it seemed at the time.

I was only going for a year and what’s a year to be away from friends and family for a big exciting life time adventure. As the very common story goes, one year turned into another and another and another until finally seven years had passed!

This year I decided it was time to come home and it wasn’t an easy decision to make. It took months to finally decide I’d give Ireland another chance, whereas I decided in a few hours I was heading to Oz. I’d made a life in Australia, I had a great job in recruitment which I loved, I made lifelong friends, I enjoyed the standard of living and great opportunities and experiences.  

I’ve been home two months now and Dublin is booming, I’m working with Morgan McKinley on the national HR desk. There’s jobs everywhere! Especially for those returning home with international experience in their field. We’re the European hub for all the multinational organisations and we even have our own Silicon Valley AKA Silicon Dock. You can read all about it here.

All the negative thoughts I had prior to moving home: “I won’t be able to get work”, “I’ve changed in 7 years, has everyone else stayed the same?”, “Ireland is gloomy”, “Ireland is behind the times”, “The weather is rubbish”, “The food options aren’t great”, have long disappeared. The Irish Time recently reportedThe rapid recovery of the Irish economy is reflected in two statistics: the numbers employed now exceed two million for the first time since 2008, and net migration is again positive for the first time in eight years – as more people return than leave the country”.

Take what we’ve learned from overseas and bring it home, put a stop to the brain drain, lets’ make Ireland great again!

If you’d like any information about HR roles in the Irish market please feel free to reach out, I’d welcome the opportunity to speak to anyone considering the move home.

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Chief Operations Officer Ireland


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