Legal sector employers embrace secondments and flexible working

James Gallagher 17.04.2018

Most in-demand & highest paying legal jobs in Q1 2018

  1. Commercial contracts lawyer
  2. Privacy lawyer
  3. Corporate lawyer


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Desirable skills & qualifications in the legal sector

Data protection is still, of course, a big buzzword with law firms and accountancy practices vying with each other to offer consultancy services to clients around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in May 2018. Experienced professionals are thin on the ground, so expect there to be an increase in demand for these individuals.

Job seeker & hiring manager motivations

Employers welcome, and value opportunities, to work on secondment (which can unintentionally give them a taste for the in-house life), go on sabbaticals (often to get their itchy feet out of the way) and flexible working hours. The trend of offering flexible working conditions looks likely to continue with many firms allowing staff to work from home for one day a week, and offering more flexible working days (especially to existing staff who have built up internal goodwill).

It is important for employers to focus on staff retention. This is not just about levels of pay. Staff need to feel appreciated and the holding of regular performance reviews to communicate their value and develop them professionally will lead to better retention.  

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