By January the Christmas pudding will be long gone...Grab your piece now!

Sarah Owen 07.12.2017

Is a common perception that changing jobs before Christmas isn't a good idea. Here's the common myths we hear and why it can be a very advantageous time.

The thought of job hunting close to Christmas terrifies many people! At this merry time of year people don’t like to jump ship for a number of reasons. A lot of the hesitations I have seen stem from non-existing stumbling blocks though, and my objective today is to explain why jumping ship just before the holidays is not only wise but advised!

Myth 1: Surely companies aren’t recruiting at this time of year?


Most companies are given a budget at the start of each year for recruitment. All companies tend to approach their budget very carefully for most of the year in the fear that they will run out. Due to careful recruitment from January to November a lot of companies are left with an extensive part of their budget in December that they must use up or their budget for the following year will be drastically reduced and nobody wants that!

Myth 2: What if I don’t get the holidays I have already booked? 

Of course you will!

You are legally entitled to all holidays that you have already booked when starting a new job - just make us (the recruiter) aware of them at the start of your process and that will be settled with your future employer from the beginning.

Myth 3: This time of year must be very competitive!


Your competition has all the same fears you had (before you read this article!) and the flow of talent tends to be very much limited at this time of year. Considering that, this is the perfect time of year to call your recruiter to hear about what the market can do for you!

Myth 4: I will be stuck in a recruitment process all over Christmas - that doesn’t sound relaxing at all!

Your right, that doesn’t sound relaxing - so why would the HR managers and line managers want to be stuck reviewing CVs and interviewing over Christmas either? And the answer is…they don’t and they won’t. HR managers and line managers don’t want to have to think about their job whilst on holidays so they are even more eager to speed up the whole process than at any other time of the year.

Taking all of these facts into consideration isn’t it obvious why making a move now could be the best proactive decision you will make in setting yourself up for the new year? Don’t start next year in a slump. Don’t return to that office that leaves you commuting for hours, or to that job that has no progression. Avoid the January blues and start off with a clean slate - be excited about returning to work in January, well…as excited as one can be!

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