Future Proofing the IT Developer Community [Report]

Stephen O'Brien 18.09.2017

This whitepaper set's out to gain a deeper insight into our IT developer community and what factors they consider most important in their career.

To download the full whitepaper, click here. 

As demand for technical talent is beginning to far exceed the supply, companies across both UK and Ireland are searching for their next top IT developer. 

Here at Morgan McKinley we wanted to get an insight into our highly skilled community of developers. We wanted to understand what motivates them in their roles today, where they believe technology is moving to, delve further into the demographic of this workforce and see if this is still a male dominated profession or if this is starting to change.

As a leading professional IT recruitment provider in Ireland and the UK, Morgan McKinley conducted our research across both regions to gain a more holistic view of our IT developer community.


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