Are careers in science different today? #BelieveinScience

Stephen O'Brien 15.11.2017

With Science Week 2017 upon us this week, the science team in Morgan Mckinley have been discussing how career advice on science and STEM jobs has changed over the years and is opening the gateway for students today.

Science week 2017 is upon us this week. The idea behind science week is to bring awareness to the value of science and to help promote the potential that science and discovery offer Ireland.

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague today, “back in our day” when we would have a chat with the careers counsellor in school in relation to our future and what our next steps should be. We agreed that those counsellors, although yes they were trying their best, didn’t really give us any help at all. We agreed that you came out of the meeting as confused as when you went in. In those days, our parents tried their best to influence and help us make decisions based on subjects you liked in school or what they saw as being a “steady” job in the economy at that time.  

How different are these things today in 2017?

Probably not very different, but now students are so tech-savvy that they have the wealth of information at their fingertips. They can do online career assessments and they can read up on so much material in relation to the current economy and see what industries are doing well or what jobs are in demand. 

For example: Ireland's science-related industries are thriving. Ireland is one of the largest exporters of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the world and have 12 SFI-funded research centres creating cutting-edge discoveries in areas such neonatal research, photonics, geosciences and big data.  

It is never easy making the decision about what to pursue in your third level education but to make that decision easier, the likes of  Science Foundation Ireland and Smart Futures provide so much information about what opportunities are there for students. In particular, STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) are all about trying to encourage young people to progress into these educational areas and further develop into STEM-related careers.

So for the week that is in it, take advantage of the hype surrounding science, there are various activities taking place throughout the week.

If you are interested in discussing the science industry or would like some information about which science jobs are hot jobs at the moment then please feel free to get in touch with me via my details below

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