Interviews are a two way process

April Fenton 26.05.2016

Setting the tone to a successful recruitment process

Don’t forget that you are being interviewed as well; And you the interviewer who is sitting in recruitment, HR or operations, you are representing a brand, the company you are working for. Are you making sure your recruitment process is best practice to make sure you attract skilled and talented HR Staff?

You as a business have to make sure that the company’s recruitment piece is rubber tight. After all, applying for a role can be a timely and cautious process for the candidate, as they have spent time aligning their CV to the advertisement, writing a supporting letter and sometimes have filled out information on portal to support their application and often don’t hear back apart from an automatic response to say they have received their application.

Keeping momentum is key throughout the whole recruitment process. Thus meaning, keeping the candidate informed throughout the process. No matter what has happened, the role remit may have changed, the role may be on hold, the reasons are endless. The candidate should be informed. This will enhance the candidate experience plus continue to support and encourage the company brand image. This will have numerous benefits such as recommendations and more direct applications to name a few.  

Impressions all count in the recruitment process and that starts from their application on line to the telephone screen or face to face interview right through to on boarding. After all, you are trying to sell yourself, the organisation, and the job, just as the candidate are selling themselves to you, it’s a two way process.

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