Is this the future of interviewing?

April Fenton 30.01.2017

We're a month into 2017 and already trends are emerging in terms of the talent acquisition process for hiring managers and tecruiters.

Recruitment processes evolved quite significantly in 2016 whereby multiple stakeholders across EMEA and US are involved in hiring decisions therefore, the traditional interview as we know, in a lot of instances no longer exists. 

Now organisations are scheduling panel interviews, Skype interviews and initial phone screens to gauge a candidate’s level of interest and suitability for a role. 

I recently read an article on HR Today in the US, where a trend of video interviewing is emerging there. The idea here is that companies provide a series of questions to the candidate which they must answer in a specific time frame and then submit their video to the company. 

This allows hiring managers to vet more candidates, whilst reducing hiring costs and enabling feedback as early as possible in the process. Can you see this catching on in Ireland?Possibly not in 2017, but certainly interviewing via Skype and Google Hangouts are becoming part of the regular interview process. 

Not alone are interview and hiring processes evolving but ensuring candidates have a valuable and positive recruitment experience is a critical element to your EVP. 

Adapting to all of these changes in the recruitment process can be daunting but it's certainly worthwhile having a variety of interviewing methods at your disposable, especially given how busy life is these days and how many people are involved in the decision making process when hiring talent for your organisation. Having a variety of interviewing methods available allows you to ensure you have an efficient and timely recruitment process which will in turn keep candidates engaged. 

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