Interesting statistics on the South East employment market

April Fenton 14.06.2012

I am the manager in the South East and recruit for finance, sales & marketing and HR roles.

The South East office is one of the smaller regional offices within our group so I recruit across these sectors. In my varied role I enjoy meeting a broad cross section of professionals from different disciplines and industries. I decided to conduct a mini-survey with the jobseekers that I have recently met with over a six month period i.e. mid November 2011 to mid May 2012.

(I excluded the jobseekers that I have met in the past four weeks as they are still very new to their job search and are only starting to meet with potential employers.)

My findings are as follows:

  • 30% of those that I met during this time frame have found new permanent, contract or temporary work and are off the live register! (even if it is for a short period of time)
  • The mix is almost 50:50 in favour of contract versus perm with temporary placements forming the smallest proportion.
  • Of the 30%, half of these people have found the perfect role/location and are very happy with their new start.
  • Of the remainder, sacrifices have been made in terms of location, hourly and salary rates and type of job however, many are looking at these opportunities as a means to an end and a way to earn some money while keeping their CV up to date.
  • Those that are fastest to find work are qualified accountants with multinational experience and a financial or management accounting background.
  • There is always demand in this location for HR professionals with multinational manufacturing backgrounds. The pool of talent in this field is in limited supply.
  • Executive PA roles come up form time to time and when they do, suitable strong candidates are in short supply and the roles therefore tend to fill quickly without too much competition.
  • Those slowest to find work are sales and marketing professionals that do not have a food or agribusiness background.
  • Another group that are slow to find work are accountants that are qualified and/or have gained experience mainly in small to medium sized companies. The reason for this is that SME’ s have been worst hit and cannot afford to keep a full-time accountant.

So the good news is that people are finding work and whilst it may not be everyone’s dream job it is keeping the wolf from the door and giving them the time that is needed to get their ideal job. If you are looking for opportunities in the South East, get in touch !

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