I'm a Newbie....Get Me Out of Here...!!!

Niall Harris 04.03.2016

You get that much anticipated call to say you got the job and when you hang up and do your little victory dance, that little nervous feeling starts to creep in.

Day 1 of your new job arrives and as you are introduced to your new colleagues and get the introductory tour of your new “work home”, that little nervous feeling quickly turns into a very anxious feeling and your inner voice starts to ask questions - “why have I changed jobs?”...”what if they don’t like me?” ....”I don’t think I can do this!”

Starting a new job can be very overwhelming. Between meeting new colleagues, learning new procedures and taking on new responsibilities, your first couple of weeks and months can leave you feeling very tired, both physically and emotionally. You have entered a Confidence Crisis!

But like you, so have all your new colleagues - they have been there, done that, worn the t-shirt, survived the “newbie challenge” and lived to tell the tale. Or in my case, offer some tips to get you through your first couple of months. 

So if you feel like jumping ship and are thinking that “this is not for me”, stop and read these tips before running for the hills after day 1 (and yes I have seen this happen)!

  1. You Got The Job over many other candidates. You impressed your new employer with your skills, knowledge and personality and they see you as the perfect fit for the role and their company. That’s why they hired you. Remember this - you were their number 1 choice!
  2. Time – Rome wasn’t built in a day! You need to give yourself time to adapt and also for your new colleagues to adapt to you. Whether you are replacing someone who has left or your role was newly created, having you onboard is change to a working environment and not everyone adapts to change straight away. It’s not personal. Everyone is different and adapts at their own pace so give it time. And perhaps bring some homemade scones for the morning break!!!
  3. Admit Mistakes & Ask for Help - Easier said than done right! We all make mistakes. We don’t know everything on day 1 (and if you pretend to know it all, that’s not going to help you settle in, so lose the ego)! Own up and ask for help straight away. Don’t sit there and look like a rabbit caught in headlights! And when you get help, take notes and acknowledge how best to approach that task again. 
  4. You’re Nervous - Remember it will Pass.  As you are entering a new situation you may feel uncomfortable. It’s not just a new job - it’s new people, policies, environment, politics, community etc. Embrace your new team - they have all been there. Look for common ground with your new colleagues and chat to them. Being nervous is a normal reaction to a new job and as you get more settled it will pass!
  5. Keep in Touch - before you make any drastic decision and run for the hills, get in touch with your recruitment consultant. Have a chat about how your are feeling or perhaps try and meet for coffee. Sometimes just talking about your new situation can help. 

Be you, be calm, listen, be open, be aware of all new experiences and take time to learn.

Recruitment consultants are used to this confidence crisis with our candidates. Our service doesn’t just stop at the job offer stage. Consultants are here to assist you throughout your career in any way we can - from the job search, to feedback or to provide any advice or market information that candidates need. 

At Morgan McKinley we aim to go way beyond what other recruitment companies do, providing comprehensive, trusting and honest support at every stage of your journey. We are committed to working with you and provide you with the best advice.

So keep in touch!

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