I'm an IT grad - get me out of here!

Dan Hoctor 23.05.2017

Whether you’re a recent IT graduate or currently completing your IT degree, you’re probably wondering what next.

Once that final exam is done and you breathe a sigh of relief, what do you do now? Looking for a job can be a bit overwhelming and you think to yourself, where do I start?

Do I

a) Send my CV to every single job I see? I just don’t care!
b) Bury my head in the sand and forget about this entire job searching stuff for a year or two?
c) Pray the companies that presented to me in my final year will contact me and offer me a job?
d )Try out being an entrepreneur?
Take a breath and re-boot. Whichever direction you decide to take in your career there are a few things to consider on your road to success.

The key to success in life is preparation

Your CV is your personal brand so it needs to be neat, clear and structured. Make sure you include a skills matrix, details about your work placement, projects you completed, achievements and any extra curricular activities.

Do your research

There are more and more companies in Ireland offering excellent graduate programmes than ever before – from software development and gaming to business analysis and consultancy. Think about what skills you want for the future.

Don’t spam

A mass marketing, un-targeted approach to job seeking rarely yields results. Whatever you do, be particular in the type of industry, company and job you would like to get into. Be sure to keep a record of everywhere you send your CV - it looks unprofessional if a company gets your CV twice for the same position. 
You may have finished your exams for college but more and more software and gaming companies will expect you to do a technical test as part of the interview process. You need to be on top of your game so don’t let everything you learned go out of your head during the summer.

It's an online kingdom

If you’re a web designer or developer you will need an online portfolio to portray any freelance work you did during college. The domain name should be your name and make it look professional. This is your online business card to future employers.

Expand your opportunities

Don’t just stick to the tried and tested large organizations and multinationals. Do consider the small and startup companies - they can offer excellent graduate opportunities too.


Beware, deadlines for graduate programmes often close early so you may find yourself applying to ones in October to November that may not start until the following September.

Keep on

Most importantly, do not give up. This is an exciting time to be an IT graduate in Ireland. Don’t get left behind by not tackling that job hunt correctly. 
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Recruitment Team Lead - Data Analytics and .NET