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Aoife Duggan 08.11.2019

Microbiology is one of busiest markets here on the Science desk in Morgan McKinley. The following is feedback from a Microbiologist we placed.

Why did you get into this role?

I have an honours degree in pharmaceutical Biotechnology from C.I.T. Within my degree I covered both Micro and Chemistry. This was the first step I took towards being in my current role as a Microbiology Specialist.

Over the last 5 years I have worked for 3 companies. In my first role I worked between Chemistry and Microbiology for approx. 1.5 years. After gaining experience in both sectors I decided Micro was the best fit for me.

After this, I sought out Micro roles solely to advance my experience from analyst to specialist. Microbiology within industry is very broad and there is so much knowledge and experience to gain even if you have been working in the area for years. All 3 roles I have worked have been different and I gained different experiences from all 3.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

My current role as Micro Specialist allows me to work across departments within the company, not only in QC. Micro affects all parts of the business from QC to Manufacturing.

One day I could be in manufacturing troubleshooting a batch contamination, another day I could be with engineering discussing modifications to a water system. The role never gets boring and definitely has some curveballs from time to time. This is what I like most about my role, the cross departmental involvement and the constant change in surroundings. Micro is not just laboratory based.

What advice would you give someone to get into this line of work?

My advice would be, if you know Micro is something you are interested in, firstly decide is it research or industry that you want to pursue? These are very different disciplines. 

My own experience is within industry. Working within a Micro laboratory is key to gaining testing experience and therefore learning the basics very well. By working within a lab you can also gain investigation experience. What I mean by this is why and how issues/problems happen. For example water systems, cleanrooms, product contamination, testing errors etc. and how to prevent it or what actions should be taken to rectify them. Once this experience is gained opportunities to advance are very possible to Specialist, Team lead or even Manager.  

What was your experience like working with Morgan Mckinley?    

My experience working with Morgan McKinley has been nothing but positive. When I came to them for help with seeking my next role I wanted to advance. They asked me what my conditions were and what my ideal job was. Once they had this knowledge they only presented me with roles that were relevant to me and what I wanted. Morgan McKinley aided me in advancing within my career from Senior Micro Analyst to Micro Specialist.

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