Huge appetite among professionals to move into senior sales roles...

David Cooney 17.10.2018

As Q3 comes to a close, our specialist recruitment teams have provided insight into the jobs market within Sales. 

In this Q3 Review, we will be looking at; an overview of the sales market in general, the most frequent roles placed across the country, highest paying roles our specialists have placed and some workplace insights surrounding flexibility, workplace wellness and workplace benefits. 
     Over the past quarter, there has been an increase in the number of professionals looking to move into senior sales roles as the appetite to move is prevalent throughout the sector. Many senior sales professionals are looking to cross over to different industries and demonstrate historic successes to flag transferable skills. More and more companies have put an emphasis on their sales roles which directly affect their commercial success. This demonstrable success is key to the companies’ hiring decision making. 
     In terms of job announcements, online retail company Wayfair has announced 200 new jobs in its plans to expand its Galway business. The roles available range across a number of customer service areas, and in particular sales. 

Most Popular Roles By Region:


  • International Sales Managers to provide a base in Europe with English speaking support staff.


  • Head of Sales based in the west of Ireland, with Dublin Hot desk.. Popular due to excellent work/life balance.


  • Sales Director in Co. Waterford, with remote working option, and US HQ.

Highest Paying Roles - Our Teams Have Placed


  • International Sales Manager for FMCG company at €50k plus benefits


  • Sales & Marketing Director in Learning and Development at €60k plus benefits
  • BD/Sales Manager | IT | €55k + benefits


  • Business Development Manager in a Waterford company in the Dublin region at €55k plus benefits
  • International Sales Manager in IT at  €60k plus benefits
  • Business Development/Sales Manager in IT at €55k plus benefits

Workplace Insights

Global mobility within most sales roles provide ample flexibility in their nature. In terms of flexibility trends, the working day within the sector in general is quite flexible (unless it’s within a base specifically with remote management/sales access)  Otherwise, within International roles, the tendency is towards flexible work arrangements.

Workplace Wellness
Some sales companies are choosing to encourage wellness at work, with specific initiatives such as fresh fruit, snacks, onsite lunches and fitness facilities on and off site being made available to employees.  There is also encouragement to employees to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility activities within the community.  In sales roles, workplace wellness is not necessarily always a priority, as most are off site and client facing/travelling roles, therefore it is not normally a decision making factor when joining an organisation.  Culture is important to sales employees/employers, but practical support with Global mobility is also discussed.

Enticing commission structures, with lower base salary are commonplace. This goes alongside various health, pension and car allowance benefits. 

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