Have you considered how changing the way you recruit could affect your bottom line?

Andrew Connolly 11.10.2013

Technology is changing how customers and consumers interact with companies. Your business either chooses transparency or transparency will be set among you; time is ticking.

The recruitment market is returning slowly but surely. Companies are investing heavily in online marketing and brand image, however if you look at recruitment as a key touch point between a company and the talent market surely reputation is something to be invested in as much as product design and innovation?

So, how does how your recruitment affect your brand and bottom line?

When a person decides to change jobs, they put together a CV, they talk to their network to see if they know of anything out there and apply to companies they would like to work for. “Yes! Finally an interview with the company of my dreams”. One month, two months and eventually three months may go by and by this point they give up hope and accept the fact they didn’t get the job. Not getting the job is one thing but the poor service experience has lasting effects.

That candidate is a potential customer and consumer of your products and services, as are their friends and their friends' friends - you get the picture.  

As a recruitment consultant in a boom industry in Dublin, I have seen on one hand the joys of somebody getting their dream job. However on the other hand, a large group of people never find out where they went wrong and how they could have improved themselves.  This feedback is crucial to the candidate as it allows them to ameliorate their interview technique and work on their presentation skills for future prospects.

So regardless of your position, it is important to remember that as representative of your brand and company, you should always put the best version of yourself forward in everything you do. This may seem like customer service 101, but the proof is in the pudding. Zappos is a fantastic example of how to treat people. This will help establish a better relationship with anyone you meet, creating stronger networks and ultimately a name you can trust. 

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