How to survive the summer slowdown in terms of hiring in Marketing..

Erica Keegan 04.07.2019

Summer can traditionally be seen as a slower period in terms of Marketing hiring, however we want to enable you to use it to your advantage...

As we move through the summer months, it is easy to let the term ‘’Summer Slowdown’’ spring to mind in relation to hiring. With so many people using up the majority of their annual leave and taking their main holidays during the summer months, sometimes both employers and employees alike seem to take their foot off the ball during the summer months and resume their job search in September. However, summer can often be the optimum time to secure talent/jobhunt depending on how you work it. By following some of the following tips you can make the best of the summer period for both your job search or your hiring needs. 

While it may be tempting to leave your hiring plans until September, you should avoid this delay if at all possible. Instead, you should keep the momentum within the hiring process, schedule interviews as quickly as possible and ensure that key decision makers within the business are available post interview to discuss feedback and next steps. By ensuring that you consider candidates’ salary expectations before engaging with them in an interview process, you avoid time wasting and interviewing candidates who are not suitable for the position. You can ensure that you offer the best possible candidate experience all along the interview process, which will help you stand out from the crowd. Communicating properly with your chosen recruitment agency and in particular the recruiter covering your roles about potential opportunities and growth within the company, will help them entice and engage with the correct prospective candidates. 

In terms of trends in relation to jobseekers at the moment, because there is an abundance of opportunities on the market at the moment, professionals are looking for opportunities which best suit their lifestyle. Employers are therefore vying for professionals and attempting to stand out from their competitors in order to attract the best talent in the market. Counteroffers are widespread and so employers have to be prepared to have their offers turned down more so than before. In order to stand out from the crowd, Marketing professionals should understand that with digital being such a big part of the landscape, they should really highlight this on their CV’s. Other experience which will make candidates stand out from the crowd include Data Analytics and Strategic Planning. Giving this sort of experience the sufficient attention on your CV will be sure to impress potential employers. 

As with every quarter, there have been certain challenges or difficulties which have emerged during Q2. For job seeking professionals, there has been an emerging trend of contract roles becoming available in the marketplace, which result in being problematic for those professionals seeking more permanent forms of employment. In addition to this, a lack of flexibility around working conditions and working hours in certain sectors is still proving to be an issue for some jobseekers. As mentioned above, the market is very competitive within Marketing at the moment, and therefore job seekers are currently engaged in multiple processes meaning that the speed of the hiring process should be more important to employers than ever before. Also as mentioned above, trying to find ways to deal with or work around counter offers is also an important challenge which employers must learn to overcome. 

In terms of areas of growth for this quarter, digital continues to lead the way, with digital marketing being at the forefront of every business’ growth and expansion, with there being an increased need for resources in most organisations in order to bring these efforts in house. As a result of this move towards digital, the area of data analytics is also becoming a key area of interest for most businesses. 

As we look towards Q3, we can expect to see there being an increased awareness among businesses on the importance of hiring a strategic marketing department, therefore there will be a need to hire at all levels for a number of roles in order to prepare for Q4. As summer is traditionally a slower period for hiring, it is wiser to act sooner rather than later as an employer, in order to secure the best talent. However, agreeing timelines with your recruiter is also wise so that you are in line with candidates expectations, and to avoid them losing interest and going elsewhere. Being flexible during the interview process is also key to securing quality candidates, accommodating those who can only participate by video interview and screening calls to keep professionals you are interested in engaged throughout the process.

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