How Much Am I Actually Worth? The Supply Chain Salary Guide 2015

Darragh McCarthy 04.02.2015

How much am I actually worth? This is a question people constantly ask themselves after opening their monthly pay check. Some others might be: Why am I working here? Am I being fairly paid for the work that I do? Would I get paid more working for the competition?


Why don’t I know what my options are?

If you’ve been paid a steady wage that has not moved upwards or downwards for the past number or years, maybe you’re being underpaid, or then again, maybe you’re being overpaid!

Maybe you’ve talked to your boss about increasing your salary and he/she has come back to you with a nominal increase. Ask yourself are you just worth this amount, or could you have done better?

A large portion of Supply Chain professionals have not looked at the jobs market for a number of years and they may be unaware as to what salary they could command elsewhere for the job they are currently doing.

With Supply Chain being an often hidden yet essential cog in Ireland’s growing recovery, there hasn’t been a better time in many years to gauge your worth.

Here at Morgan McKinley we conduct a yearly salary guide so professionals can gauge how the market is changing and what the average salary is for their job. Here is our 2015 Salary & Benefits Guide. It provides you with a wide range of salaries for different Supply Chain and Procurement positions and will show you how these salaries may vary in different locations throughout Ireland.

So if you’re a Supply Chain or Procurement professional looking for a career change, contact the Morgan McKinley Supply Chain team for advice on current opportunities, salary guides and much more.

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