How Mobile Shopping Has Changed in the Last Three Years

Geraldine Butler 03.08.2017

Our guest blogger Robert Cordray gives his insights on how mobile shopping is changing.

There has been an increased use of mobile phones in the business world around the globe with most people now using them as shopping tools in addition to their communication purposes.

Mobile phones have slowly transformed our working days in the office, social lives at various events, and it is conquering our wallets at an alarming rate. Currently, over 125 million residents own a smartphone, and more than 62% of the users have made an online purchasing gadget over the last one year. The increased use of the smartphones has changed the way businesses run their operations, especially in the sectors such as retail marketing, advertising, and sales.

About Mobile Shopping Trends

The growth in the mobile phone adoption in the last few years can be attributed to their ability to support various functions such as text messaging, browsing the internet, and performing other tasks. The smartphone technology is also growing at a high rate allowing the business owners to incorporate their retail marketing ideas with various features. It is interesting to know that most customers do not rely on the mobile applications but rather focus on the web to gain insights on the brands. Therefore, business entities should consider providing detailed information on their brands and services to attract more customers.

How Shoppers Use their Phones

The mobile users are not interested in becoming loyal customers in your store but rather look for a business that provides a better deal. This means that their likelihood of choosing a competitor for their needs over your company is very high. Additionally, most customers acquire more information about a brand from the internet even before visiting a store. Therefore, companies should lay a proper retail marketing strategy that provides accurate information about their brands to attract smartphone users.

In the past, most clients would research about a product online and then make a physical visit to the store. The shopping trend has now changed with most customers purchasing their products online and requesting for deliveries. Therefore, business owners should have in mind the influence of the mobile phones to their business while formulating their retail marketing strategy.

Mobile shopping industry has experienced tremendous improvements in the last few years with most companies introducing more features to attract customers. Some of the changes include:

1) Access to Various Coupons and Discounts

Coupons, discounts, and promotions are some of the things that companies use to attract more customers in retail marketing. Improvements in technology have helped in the formulation of applications that alert the shoppers whenever they walk past a store offering coupons. Some features in a phone also provide a list of the local discounts available in a particular location.

2) Ability to Scan Barcodes

As said earlier, most shoppers use their phones to compare the prices and the quality of services from one store to another. The buyers are now using QR codes to access information about other store prices and their products during their in-store search before making a purchase.

3) Increased Online Buying

Online selling was limited to the big sites such as Amazon and Ebay. However, things have now changed with most companies providing online sales services. In the past, shoppers used to conduct an online research about a product before visiting the store. The trend has currently changed with most online researchers conducting a purchase online after research.


Mobile shopping is now increasing at an alarming rate, and the trend is expected to continue rising. Business owners should, therefore, be careful while formulating retail marketing ideas to attract as many shoppers as possible. Remember that consumers prefer getting information about a product online rather than speak to a staff member, so making the company's site informative is important.

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