How to make the most of the summer slowdown in HR hiring...

Aileen McCarney 08.07.2019

As we move through the summer months we address the traditional summer slowdown within hiring in HR...

During the summer months, hiring in general can go through a lull across most sectors, HR being one of them. It's the age old story, employers and job seekers going on their summer holidays, causing recruitment to draw near to a halt, and any processes that are ongoing experience significant delays. The following insights will hopefully help to navigate you through the pitfalls in your hiring process.
To set the scene, the HR employers that are market leading in securing talent on the market are those who have nailed down their employer branding proposition. The organisations that have been open in promoting a progressive, positive work culture have also excelled in attracting the best HR applicants.

Advice for Employers
The factor to consider is the pace of your current hiring process. As is often the case, the best talent on the market will be in conversations with other employers as they search for their next career move. The speed of your processes could determine whether or not you secure your desired options. Having a fast-paced hiring process, especially during the summer months, will improve your success rate in hiring HR staff.

Another tip is not to put all of your eggs in one basket. You may have an early front runner out of the candidates who are applying for your job, but be aware that you could make it to very late stages with this individual, and then they drop off suddenly, leaving you empty handed. So make sure to be open-minded throughout the process, and have a number of options engaged, right to the very end. Applicants can be particularly loose in their commitment to job applications during the summer months, so pay attention to this point.

The final tip would be to ensure you’re keeping each candidate engaged at all steps of the interview process. Promote everything that’s great about working for your company and don’t be afraid to reiterate this sentiment throughout the process. In the current market, candidates have a multitude of job opportunities facing them, so it’s crucial that you deliver the message that your organisation is the right fit for them.

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