How to interview for a sales role

Geraldine Butler 09.03.2015

If you are a good sales person, you'll know how to promote your most valuable product, YOURSELF!

You should prepare for a sales interview in the same way you would prepare for a sales call. Make sure you are familiar with the company, be confident, and have an arsenal of figures to backup your previous sales achievements. When you apply for a job, you are essentially striking a deal between yourself and the employer. Therefore, think of your potential employer as a client. This is doubly true when you are trying to get a job in sales.

So what will an employer look for in a professional?

Someone who is energetic, well-connected, a team-player and a good strategist. But mostly someone who can sell the product. If you can't figure out how to sell yourself to the company, it is a reasonable bet you will not be able to figure out how to sell the company’s products. 

In addition to this, as a sales person you are the brand, therefore employers will be very picky about who they want representing them. Look sharp!

Above all, be consultative, not 'salesy'. You want to help customers find a solution to their problems instead of just pushing your product or brand upon them. Just like you would close a business deal, close the interview. 

As a sales person you know how important it is to 'always be closing'. Make sure the last thing you do before you leave the interview is ask for the job. Let the interviewer know you are very interested and ask about the next steps. 

If you are thinking of a career move in the near future get in touch with me. I'd be delighted to assist you.

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