How to Excel-lerate your career in finance

Clodagh Bannigan 07.08.2012

There is a saying that most people only use about 10% of the capability of MS Excel.

Knowing how to use even half of the other 90% could well help to take your career in different directions.  Although they may seem mundane and unexciting, Excel skills are always a good addition to a CV, especially for accountants. It is one of the most commonly used computer programmes in every kind of business and in all departments.

It's a ‘no-brainer’ for accountants to have strong Excel skills, but it's important to take them to a higher level. What we find is that through the various professional accountancy routes, there would be some standard excel classes that accountants attend which gives them a certain amount of visibility. They are familiar with formulas and data manipulation and presentation, etc. This level tends to be where a lot of accountants, especially early on in their career, feel is acceptable or appropriate to remain. This can often be detrimental if they ever want to switch departments or companies later on in their career ........
For example, do you know how to create a pivot table or do V look-ups? For more info on how to improve your excel skills, read our latest article in conjunction with CPA Ireland.
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