How to bounce back after rejection

Receiving that dreaded rejection phone call after a job interview can really knock your confidence and take the wind out of your sails. But by thinking objectively candidates can use this to build on their core strengths, address development points and ultimately find a job that suits them best. 

Don’t take it personally

You had done all of the preparation work prior to your interview, you were able to talk through your CV with confidence and you even impressed the hiring manager with your in depth knowledge of the company. So why didn’t I get the job?

More often than not these decisions are based on things that are out of your control. The decision may have come down to another candidate who had more of the necessary experience, or someone internally going forward for the role.  Don’t let any job rejection destroy your confidence, this will only make you doubt your abilities and it could negatively affect any future interviews that you have.

Feedback is golden

Feedback from any company is a gift. Unfortunately, not all clients are willing to give feedback so if you are lucky to receive feedback, take it on board and use it as an opportunity for development. Ensure that you take any feedback with an open mind and where necessary make the relevant improvements to help you develop your interview skills for the next job.

Prepare and practice

Now that you have your feedback, take time to reflect back and acknowledge where you possibly went wrong and put actions in place to prevent history repeating itself. Interviews can turn the most confident person in to a bag of nerves. Morgan McKinley consultants are always on hand to offer interview prep to all candidates before an interview. We will break down the interview for you and help you to improve your interviewing technique.

Remain positive

While getting turned down is certainly not the best feeling in the world, allow yourself that moment of disappointment and then pick up the phone and speak to your recruitment consultant at Morgan McKinley. The market is extremely busy at present and we can talk you through other opportunities that are available to you.

Remember you are not alone. The reality is that the number of people turned down for jobs often outweighs those who receive an offer. Focus on the next opportunity, the last job wasn’t the one but who’s to say the next one won’t be. Go into your next interview with a clean slate and remain positive

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Principal Consultant - Finance & Commercial