How to bag your next sales job

Rebecca Driscoll 09.10.2013

If you’re a good sales person, there should be no reason why you can’t sell the most important product of all….yourself!

Prepare yourself for your sales interview just how you would prepare to sell any other product and DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Here are some tips to ensure you can sell yourself as a candidate to any employer.

  • Ins and outs - know the ins and outs of the company and the market you will be working for, after all product and market knowledge is key to any successful sale
  • Know your facts and figures and be prepared to answer the specifics - in a sales interview they will be looking for details. What is your biggest sale to date? – What’s your conversion rate? - What is your most memorable sale? – How much revenue did you generate for the company? – Did you consistently meet your targets?  – What was your most difficult sale? – How do you handle rejection?
  • Sell your specialities - if you have any additional skills you can bring to the table - mention them! For example there is a huge demand from multinational companies for sales persons with a second language. Make sure these language skills are portrayed on your CV
  • Be communicative – your interviewer will be assessing your communication skills throughout the interview to ensure you are the right fit for their company and are able to communicate a sale. Be friendly, be approachable but also be thorough and confident
  • Be presentable – from telesales to field sales you are always going to be a representation of your company. Make sure you are clean, sharp and presentable. You will take yourself and be taken much more seriously
  • A good close – closing can often be the most challenging part of a sale, make sure you close the interview like you close a sale – with the person on the other side happy with your service and looking forward to doing business with you again
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